A cuanto equivale una libra

And am I so idle then, said the falconer, that have three a cuanto equivale una libra of hawks to look after, at perch and mew, and to fly them in the field to boot?-and is my Ladys page so busy a man that he must take me up short?-and am I of false English blood?-I marvel what blood thou art-neither Englander nor Scot-fish nor flesh-a bastard from the Debateable Land, without either kith, kin, or ally!-Marry, out upon thee, foul kite, that would fain be a tercel gentle. The reply to this sarcasm was a box on the ear, so well applied, that it overthrew the falconer into the cistern in which water was kept for the benefit of the hawks. Up started Adam Woodcock, his wrath no way appeased by the cold immersion, and seizing on a truncheon which stood by, would have soon requited the injury he had received, had not Roland laid his hand on his poniard, and sworn by all that was sacred, that if he offered a stroke towards him, he would sheath the blade in his bowels. The noise was now so great, that more than one of the household came in, and amongst others the major-domo, a a cuanto equivale una libra personage, already mentioned, whose gold chain and white wand intimated his authority. At the appearance of this dignitary, the strife was for the present appeased.
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